READ: How to Get Help from the Community

Hey CodeCrew!

Welcome to the community!

This is a guide on how to write your posts (of questions), so it would make it easier for the community to help you.

CodeCrew Community Rules

If you’re new to the community, please take a second to review the CodeCrew Community Rules.

Before Asking for Help

It is recommended that you have tried solving the problem before asking the community for help. By doing so, you gain new knowledge more effectively than being dependent to others to solve it for you.

Struggles are part of learning, it’s a sign that you’re trying, that you’re on a set path to a goal. Embrace it!
At the end of the day, the goal that we want to impart is for you to learn and become independent.

App development is a cycle of problem solving, and so is coding in general.

Posting a Question

When asking for help, be detailed as much as possible.

Write what the problem/error/issue is, what solutions you have tried so far, what your code currently looks like.

This helps not just the people who would help you, but also people who would have the same question as yours.

:white_check_mark: DO: Use Code Blocks

When you want to include or discuss a specific block of code, please add it as text using code blocks.

Using code blocks will allow people to copy and paste your code more easily in Xcode/Playgrounds to see what went wrong.

You can add a code block by enclosing your code with three backticks.

// Your swift code here…

:x: Don’t add code as photos/screenshots

By doing so, it would prevent others from easily copy/pasting your code just to check where the problem is.

:white_check_mark: DO: Share your project

When you got errors that prevent you from building the project, or need to show/discuss code from different project files, please make sure to share your project as well.

You have two options on how to share your projects

Option 1: Github

If you have a git repository, you can share the link to your repo after your detailed discussion, so other people can check your project.

Option 2: Dropbox/Google Drive

If you don’t know how to use Github, or to upload your project into a remote git repository, you can instead upload it as a zip file in Dropbox or Google Drive.

To zip your project:

  1. Open Finder and locate your project folder
  2. Right click on the folder and choose Compress from the menu.
  3. Wait for the zip to finish, and upload the zip file into Dropbox/Google Drive.
  4. Share the link in your forum post, but make sure to allow access to anyone with the link.

IMPORTANT: When you share your project link, make sure to discuss which files are having issues and when you have an error, make sure to include that to the discussions as well. Make sure to be as detailed as possible.