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Sandbox / Apple

Hello Friends,

I would to test some Apps also the App Purchase Sandbox feature, but it’s don’t work for me and I would to know how it works and what I need for it.

I get this message “You are currently not entitled to in-app purchases to do in the sandbox. This Apple ID does not have the Necessary permission to in-app to make purchases. you can Account Permissions in iTunes Change connect. [Environment: Sandbox]”

If I go to iTunes Connect the page don’t open also I can’t log into App connect. Maybe some can put me in his Sandbox tester account. I can also pay for it or do something else

Welcome to the community!
To test in-app purchases you need to purchase a paid Apple developer account, which is a yearly fee.

I highly recommend against anyone letting you just “use their account” for free or even by your paying them.

You can easily go online and convert your free account to a paid one

Thanks for your reply.

So I need just a Account I can use by every App the Test purchase function? I think not or?

Or can just I use by apps the sandbox and not by other Apple ID apps?

To be able to test in-app purchases for your app, you need a paid Apple developer account

I don’t think I understand what you mean by: “ Account I can use by every App the Test purchase function”

I mean if I have this account and the paid membership. Can I go into every App or Game and make a in App purchase with sandbox or it’s this not possible because the App it’s not my own. I can just use the sandbox in my own app?

You mean making test purchases on any app in the App Store?? NO, that’s not how it works. You can only test your own application.

Yea that’s my question!

Oh I thought I can use it in any Apps. Because I play at the moment a game and if I buy something it stays „Sanbox mode“

And getting this message, so I thought I can use it, in this app

A game that you downloaded from the App Store gives you that error?

That looks like an error from a TestFlight app

Yes, that’s why I would test and maybe report this error… So what I need for it? Or maybe someone or you can invite me to test it?

Hang on, can you clarify what exactly your question is??? I don’t think I understand. But here’s more info:

You can test in app purchases for your own application by debugging and using Xcode

You are allowed to use TestFlight, an app for beta testing anyone’s application, which you need a sandbox user account for (in App Store settings) and an actual in app purchase event will not occur in test flight. Because it is a beta app, not a real App Store application

Yea I understand this but How I can get the sandbox mode?

There is no setting a “sandbox mode” a beta app is already ready for beta testing.

You can make an in app purchase, and it will look like it buys something, but in reality it doesn’t because it’s a beta app.

In Settings > App Store > Sandbox account, you can use an account here for testing the app that you’re running on your device that is NOT a beta app, but just ran from Xcode