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Successful Businesses from CWC+ Alumni?

Can anyone speak about an app or business successfully launched thanks to CWC+? What was the journey like, what are the revenues and monetization strategies like?

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Success stories can be found here!

Awesome, thanks! Do you know any of them that made it into a successful business? I read through about 20 testimonials. Some charge for the apps most don’t, and it isn’t clear how much success each person had. Rather, it seems that simply getting onto the App Store was a huge victory versus transforming the app into a business. Still, impressive the breadth of apps that people created.

I think you’d like reading this series which is still a work in progress.

Success is different for every person. A “successful business” based on only a single app idea is hard because most app ideas aren’t unique.


Hey Mikaela, yes, exactly more like @CalStark’s story, or the Creator View chronicles you referenced previously.

Btw @CalStark has been great! We have some long-running private threads. He’s definitely teaching me more of the business aspect, and how to make it all work :slight_smile:

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Hey Andrew, I learn a lot from our discussions as well!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for thinking of us @mikaelacaron, I appreciate it :smiley: I can’t wait to update this series!! I hope soon