Swift vs React Native

Hey there! New member here, loving the courses. I have prior coding knowledge in C++, Python, and HTML, so almost all the concepts (excluding UI) helped me revisit and solidify my understanding.

Planning to tackle Swift next—it seems easier than creating a website with Django and Python. The workload feels significantly lighter, likely due to how Apple coded Swift and Xcode.

I’m curious, why focus on Swift over React Native? If I create a project in Swift, can it be translated to React Native? Responses so far suggest learning JavaScript and using React Native for future Android projects. I’m a big fan of Apple operating systems, but I get that not everyone shares that love haha.

Keep up the excellent work! I can see the effort you’ve poured into your videos and website.

This forum and all the tutorials that Chris Ching has created is focussed on iOS development using Xcode. Swift is the underlying programming language used in Xcode.

Hey, thanks for your reply! My questions were:

  1. Why focus on Swift rather than React Native?

  2. If I create a project in Swift, can it be translated to React Native or some other Android architecture?

I found this post about it: Swift Apps on Android

Pretty much sums up all of my questions. Thanks again for your help and hard work.

React Native is a development environment which uses a bunch of different programming languages. Xcode is a development environment which uses Swift as it’s main programming language and also Objective C

You can’t compare a programming language to a development environment as they are two different things.