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Terminal not finding project when pod init

In the Terminal it does find the Xcode project but then right after that I put in pod init and then an error message comes up saying Xcode project not found. I’m new to this so any help would be appreciated


Welcome to the community.

Can you show a screen shot of your terminal window which shows the command sequence you used and the error message.

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Oh yes! my bad forgot to attach it.

That’s a bit strange. I would have expected it to work.

Perhaps try restarting your Mac and see if that helps.

I’ll try that right now. Thank you!

Nope. It is showing me the same thing :confused:

OK try creating another temporary project in Xcode and save to your desktop and then try pod init on that one.

I had another project and tried it on that one and still didn’t work

This is very odd.

What version of cocoapods do you have? Type pod --version in your terminal window.


Same as I have.

Have you been having any other problems with Xcode recently?

Nope not really, I’m just getting stuck at this part. other then that everything was smooth

I’m struggling to think of what could be wrong.

When you create your project are you creating an iOS App as per the circled options in the following image?

Hmmm, I don’t think that is the issue.

yes that’s what I had selected

I have a suggestion. Can you compress your project into a zip file and post that to DropBox or Google Drive and share a link to it so that I can take a look and see if it works on my Mac.

Other than that, I am a bit stumped as to what could be going on.

What Mac do you have? Is it a new one with the M1 chip?

It’s late where I am so I need to get some sleep. In the meantime, perhaps someone else might have a suggestion.

I have the MacBook Pro 13" 8th gen core i5.
sure let me try to do that. I’ve always had an windows computer so slowly getting use to the Mac lol.
This is the model MV9A2LL/A for my Macbook. No worries thank you for your suggestions! Have a good night.

Do you mind sharing your email with me so I can share it with you via google drive

I shall send you a private message with that detail.

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When you typed ls fruggienew

That showed the contents of that folder!! Which does have the Xcode project.
But your terminal I don’t think was in that folder

Just type ls Without specifying the folder to see the contents of the directory you are in.

From your terminal you should cd into frugginew directory then type pod init

Your folder structure is:
You need to go into that last directory (which contains the Xode project)

so just to confirm type in ls then type in cd fruggienew then type pod init… right?

when I typed ls and right after that cd fruggienew it said no such file or directory