UI Kit to Swift UI


firstly i want to say thank you so much chris and his team.
these courses have given me some purpose during the pandemic and (seemingly endless) lockdown,
it has also given me hope that if i cannot go back to work (i work in the events sector) app development can be an area i progress into career wise! (still early days but i hope i can get there!)

My Question is this:
i have been progressing through the UI Kit Courses and now Swift UI has become a thing,
as far as my learning path is concerned how should i proceed?

Should I:
Carry on though UI Kit and other courses then go back to Swift UI?
Stop my UI kit learning and jump into Swift UI now?

also: what are the main differences in the two?
will i need to go back and do the same apps again from scratch in Swift UI (quiz app/ youtube app etc)
or are the core principles the same? and as such learning how the differ once i have completed the UI kit courses will be enough for me to go into the more advanced Swift UI courses from the get go
(maybe there is a video here?)

im sorry if this is a silly set of questions and i thank you for your time

Luke M

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Hi Luke,

No such thing as a silly question here.

As to the path you choose it really depends on what you aspire to in terms of a developer role.

If you want a job in a company that has an existing suite of production Apps that have been written prior to SwiftUI being released (which was Mid 2019) then you need to have UIKit knowledge. So I would recommend that you continue with learning UIKit.

By all means learn SwiftUI as eventually that will be the mainstream framework of choice but that’s some time down the track. SwiftUI still can’t do all of the things that can be done in UIKit so the vast majority of production applications have been written using UIKit.

The main difference between UIKit and SwiftUI is the way the User Interface is constructed. UIKIt uses Storyboard or can be configured programatically whereas SwiftUI is a declarative framework where the UI is created using Objects from the SwiftUI library. Once you do start dabbling in SwiftUI you will understand what I am getting at.

The underlying Swift language is the same for both so whatever you learn about Swift syntax whilst taking on UIKit courses will still be relevant in SwiftUI projects.

Awesome, thanks for the response,

i think ill keep going though UIKit then, and then once i have done those modules i will come back and visit Swift UI!