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Updating data on app already in app store

I’ve noticed this question go uncommented on several users requests. How are you supposed to update your information in your (already published to the App Store) app???

Are you supposed to build a separate app to help control that app, are you supposed to, somehow, make it where, when certain people log in they can change it? Nothing makes sense on what to do, like I said, I have seen this query go unanswered on many users feed…

Are you referring to this question?

We have several moderators but everyone in the forum is allowed to ask or answer others questions

All of the above can happen.

It depends on what your app does.

Facebook, users update their own data, but Facebook doesn’t need to go in and approve each individual post. And then this data is fetched in other devices for people to see

Apple has a user facing store app, where users can see their order status. But another internal app where employees can scan packages and update that their package arrived at the store. This then updated the user their package is at the store

Facebook Marketplace has the normal tab for you to view items for sale, but if you went further you can post your own items to sell, by saying you’re a seller
When you post an item others can see it

I mean, how to you change something in your app once it is uploaded to the App Store?

What do you mean by “something?”

Data in the app or like what the user interface looks like?

Like, how do you change, say your app has a cell in a collection view, how to change the data in that cell. Like change what the image view portrays, what the text field includes, and where that cell goes to when the user clicks on it.?

All of that can be accomplished by my comments above

This is completely different. All the examples above were changing how data is displayed, this, could be similar if you wanted to change it based on input that the app knows, like a certain word.

But if you want to programmatically change this at anytime, this is a completely different topic, called server driven UI. Here’s a course about that