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Wiz's Car Listing App - Sept Community App Challenge

Hey CodeCrew,

So I finally got going with this month’s Code challenge and I am loving it. feels good to get in some extra practice.

Still have a few formatting and layout adjustments I need to make then I should be good to go.

So far :

  • Create Git Repo
  • Parse Data from JSON file
  • Create a List of Car Card View
  • Make the Car list View expandable

What’s Next :

  • Fit Layout issues
  • Implement Filter option

Git Repo can be found here


Looking good so far. I’m sure you can fix the layout issues (I faced similar issues and solved it with an additional Stack and Spacers).

Looking forward to see how you implement the filter options :slight_smile:

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Almost there :confounded::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::

So I implement the filter view and fit the layout issues:
Users can filter on make, model, and min and max customer price

So the final missing piece is only expanding one Car view at a time

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Well, here it is.
All stages completed


  • Extract the list information from the join JSON file
  • Show a simple list of collapsed cards
  • Expandable card. Only one card expanded at a time. ( By default, the first item should be expanded. * Upon clicking or tapping an item, the previous item will collapse, and the new item will expand.) Implement the filters on make, model, max, and min price
  • Slight animation
  • Youtube player view
  • Link to car website

API used in the development :

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Nice :smiley::+1:t2: