Finished the 28 Day Challenge? Post Your Screenshot Here!

Hi Chris,

thank you very much sharing the course. As many others I sincerely appreciate your work and enjoyed each of your lessons a lot.

Please find the screenshot of my completed match card game below. I also added a reset button (which is still not working perfectly well yet) .

One thing I was really wondering about is if the game logic isn’t supposed to be separate of the view controller. I might be wrong but for me the game logic is more part of the model than of the controller. Kindly give me your view on that.

Thank you very much once again.

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Congratulations! We are more than happy to award you your well-deserved, well-earned badge to symbolize all your outstanding hard work! Thanks for learning with us! :slight_smile:

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Amazing, Sam! Thank you so much for participating in this challenge. It’s all so worth it, right? Badge awarded!

As for your question, you can repost that in the App Development category so that one of our support staff can better see it (and eventually answer). This thread is strictly for challenge screenshots. Thank you and congrats again and again!

Thanks a lot Arthur. It is!
For the question I’ll do so.


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Just finished the 28 Day Challenge!!! I really enjoyed the classes. Thank you so much for this great learning program! Can’t wait for the next challenge :muscle:

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Myself Bazzy…!

Hope you and your crew are doing well…I finished the swift tutorials for beginners in the beginners tutorial series and just 10 more lessons to go…!!!

When i visited this link in order to know the requirements to obtain the certificate …it said that digital badges are providing instead if certificates…! But
as the requirement is the screenshot of match war card game …as a windows user who cant do/access Xcode to do the war card game project…is there any alternative requirements for Windows users…???

Waiting for a reply…!!

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Well done, Laura! Your hard work and awesome skills paid off. Badge awarded! And yes, keep on killing the other challenges. :slight_smile:

Hi, Bazzy!

It’s gonna be really challenging to build iOS apps using a Windows computer. But hopefully this article of ours can help you. We also have a video on how to do iOS app development on Windows using MacStadium.

If you have follow-up technical questions, then just create another thread in another category as this thread is exclusively for challenge screenshots.

Thanks for learning with us, Bazzy!

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Thanks for the info…!!! :handshake:

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Completed my 28 day challenge. I enjoyed while doing this. Thanks for this wonderful course. please find the screenshot. Where can I find the next course ?

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That’s what I’m talking about, Faria! Enjoy your 2nd badge! And try doing the Slots challenge next. :slight_smile:

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28 exciting days! I added the icon also and the restart function to my app… thanks for all Chris! I’m more than eager to continue this journey

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Excellent, Marqui! Thank you so much for learning with us! :slight_smile: Enjoy your new badge.