New Member Introductions

Cheers, Tom! We’re really having a lot of people with diverse backgrounds in here! We’re just here to provide you with support. Have fun and thanks for joining the CWC fam!

Hi everyone,

My name is Giovani, Im somewhat new to coding. I love learning how apps work and the new technologies in being created. I’ve built a android app and watched a few tutorials on IOS apps but I’m looking forward to growing my skills.

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Welcome to the fam, Giovani! We love that you have the curiosity to understand app development. And you’ve actually even built an app, wow! We will definitely all grow together. Thanks for being here!

Hello everyone.
I’m Mina from Vancouver, BC. I studied computer engineering, graduated 12 years ago. But, I’ve never worked in my study field. I found out swift syntax very similar to C and would like to learn SwiftUI and change my current career which is boring.
Yesterday I read a vey informative article about SwiftUI and I found Chris was posted it. I became interested to persue coding with him. But, I’m not sure if Chris teaches SwiftUI? I found 29 challenge teaches storyboard .
If someone is aware please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you

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Welcome to the community, Mina! Your previous academic experience will certainly work to your advantage as you begin to learn iOS app development. And I already answered your concern regarding SwiftUI. Thanks for joining the family. Have fun!

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hi all.

my name is MartinJan but I will mostly reply with MJ . in 2014 I did my first course with Chris . objective -c . Made an app and later converted it to swift . (also with the help of Chris Ching’s courses . I got busy with other things in life. in 2019 I rewrote the app in swift 5 , again with the courses.

At the start of the corona-period I started with SwiftUI . I already have 1 swiftui app in store. busy with a simple game now.

I’ve been programming in many different languages from most of them I know just enough to use them. Before corona I worked as a light designer/ operator for concerts/clubs/opera . I’ve done art school and worked as a 3D animator for advertisement and tv things .

my first app
my second in swiftui

I live in The Netherlands

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Hi everyone! I’m Tiffany and I’m a designer/front-end developer from Chicago, IL. I’m currently working on transitioning from web to product design, so I wanted to learn app development to help give me an edge. I’ve been obsessed with mobile apps since the iPhone came out so I don’t know what took me so long to finally learn this lol. Anyhow, I look forward to learning with you all! :slight_smile:

Wow, welcome to the family, MJ! Congrats on your apps. Your knowledge and skills will certainly benefit the community. Keep on having fun and staying safe! :slight_smile:

Im newbie here
thank you for encouraging me towards my goal and let me gain new knowledge about coding by your very kind personality. I promise myself not to be anymore laziness…

Thank you.

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Hey there! Newbie here.

I’m a UX designer who was recently displaced due to COVID-19. I seem to have a lot of great experience designing for web but I often lose most interviews when they ask about my app experience because I haven’t had the opportunity to work on any app/software projects in my career. So instead of waiting around hoping to get the experience I said screw it, if I can’t get experience designing for app development through a company. I’ll just learn how to develop apps and get the experience myself. Excited to get started and grow my tool kit and create awesome products!


Hi CWC crew!

I’m Magali and I’m also very new at coding here. First off, THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for iOS bootcamp everywhere and could not find any. I almost gave up the idea of learning iOS dev online until I ran into your YouTube videos! They’re amazing, you’re so good at what you’re doing Chris and your crew is very lucky to be working with you. You answer all my questions before I even get the chance to ask them haha I’m learning to code because this year I decided to learn everything that I could, step out of my comfort zone and actually challenge myself. I chose iOS development because it was the one that was the most intimidating to me. Thank you all again and stay safe!

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Welcome to the CWC family, Afina! We are all in this journey together, so just reach out if you need help. We’re cheering for you!

Great decision, Alex! Build your portfolio slowly but surely and you’ll soon get those opportunities. Thanks for learning with us; we’re just here for you!

Your words are very humbling, Magali! Thank you for being here; we welcome you with eagerness! Working on our courses takes a lot of effort, and kind people like you make all the effort so worth it. We can’t wait to see your progress. You’ll get there! :slight_smile: