New Member Introductions

Yay, it’s never too late to learn something new! Thanks for joining us, Gerd! I am sure that you’ll have a challenge yet rewarding time. Have fun learning and welcome to the family! :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Vincent! We’re definitely looking forward to your progress updates and eventually, your first app! Thanks for choosing to learn with us. We’re just here if you need assistance. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hello CodeCrew,

My name is David (Dave, either one). I’ve done little of everything throughout the years, from carpentry to truck driving, and a lot of my Plan B… nursing. I currently have a very small home health agency, and am also working with a startup here in Pennsylvania.

A few years ago I decided to begin what I called my BSIDK: Bachelors In Stuff I Don’t Know. What began with welding and small engine repair has eventually led to building a restaurant app that I’ve wanted for years and building a better way of record keeping for my agency.

Outside of using an iPhone, I’m really green when it comes to computers, so I’m looking forward to many hours of frustration and horror because I can’t perform the simplest task or find something on the screen. At least I won’t have the guilt of being on the clock.

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Hie CodeCrew! :wave:
My name is Girija.I have never build any IOS App before and I want to learn Swift Technology as I will be working on IOS application as my next industry project.So i want to get familiar with the technology.
Could you please guide me how should i start ?

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This is awesome, David! Impressive how you were able to learn so many skills along the way. Feel free to let us know more about your app! Share insights as well on your app development journey because your thoughts might help others. Glad to welcome you to the CodeCrew family!

HI, Girija! Thanks for making a wise decision. Start with our free YouTube tutorials about Swift. Just check out our channel because we have playlists there that you can watch in order. And it’s important to start applying what you are learning. So get your Mac computer ready and download Xcode. Have fun, and welcome to the CodeCrew fam!

Hi, This is Sivani. I am working as iOS developer nearly 1.5 years. But I need more practical knowledge to do the task. That’s why I came here. Right now whenever I taken the task I cant able to complete because I feel difficulties. But I want to learn more about iOS especially logical things and basics of iOS. I was struggling in so many places. Hope You are all help me to learn the iOS.


We are welcoming you with open arms, Sivani! Thank you so much for learning with us! Have fun learning. We are just here for you! :slight_smile:

Hello Code Crew. My name is Simon, I am an electrical engineer and have some experience with coding from my years in college. I just finished the 10 lesson series and I must say, if I had you as a professor in college I might have become a CS major instead. I am currently working on an app in my spare time with a few friends, we are going to build a small company around it for fun. If things work out with it, fantastic. If things do not, I will be able to say that I have a published app, maybe more than one. I look forward to taking the course that you have to offer here.

Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself,

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Welcome to the CodeCrew family, Simon! We are confident that you’ll do so well considering that you have an engineering background. Looking forward to that app. Please update us on your progress or reach out to us once you get that app published so that we can possibly feature it in our app spotlights. Cheering for you!

Hello, My name is Sachin. I am learning App development for skill-building, and wanted to challenge myself. I hope to leave good footmarks behind. Thank you for the resources.

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Hi, I am Jibran Ahmed Sheikh and I am a Professional WordPress and Digital Marketing Expert.

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We’re so happy to welcome you to the CodeCrew family, Sachin! Enjoy our resources and community. Have fun learning! :slight_smile:

Awesome, Jibran! You’re a wonderful addition to our growing community here. Have fun and don’t forget to update us on your projects. :slight_smile:

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Hey Chris, I m a doctor and very new to coding or programming or app development…i watched several other videos but everything seemed like greek and latin to me…But ur videos gave me a ray of hope…i want to develop a health related app…I wish for ur help throughout this journey…Thanks for letting me in this community :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for joining us here! Your decision to finally learn coding can potentially be one of the best decisions you ever made. We all start from somewhere so just keep on going, slowly and steadily, and having fun. We’re just here, cheering for you! Stay safe and keep on making an impact! :slight_smile:

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Greetings, everyone. I joined primarily to thank Chris for his gentle, clear, encouraging, step-by-step approach. I am having a lot of fun coding my own projects now.
I started programing the Mac in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. I used HyperCard and procedural Pascal. I created several shareware programs.

Until I took Chris’ courses, I was completely flummoxed by object oriented programing and I really didn’t like Objective-C. Swift feels a lot more comfortable and I have the confidence to keep coding to get the apps I want to use myself.

Like Mark, I am an ordained Christian minister (over 40 years). I served in Kenya for over a decade and I love Muslims.

I’m looking forward to getting to know and learning from all of you!

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Welcome to the CodeCrew family! You have such a wealth of life experiences that we can all benefit from. We’re happy that we are positively impacting your learning journey. Can’t wait to see your progress and all the apps that you’ll be able to create. Have fun! :slight_smile:

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