New Member Introductions

Thank you as well, Sean! Thanks for your desire to familiarize yourself with the fundamental skills. Slowly but surely you’ll get there! The community is just right here if you have any questions. Great new year to you!

We’re cheering for you, Jorge! Go, go, go! 2020 will be great year for you in terms of your learning progress, let’s claim it. Happy new year!

Cheers, Yoonise! What a great mission you have there. Feel free to update us about your app’s development. Happy 2020!

Welcome, Josh! Glad that you’re now a part of this thriving community. Thanks for taking that important first step towards learning how to code. Wishing you all the best for this new year!

Hello CodeCrew,

I’m Jeff, just started learning SWIFT for the last 2 weeks.
I wanted to say a big “thank you !” to Chris for all his hard work and all the content that he posted on YouTube. It is so much fun learning something new and progressing step by step…
Now trying to make the second App in the last 11 days of the 28 days program. So fun.
I have no coding experience and swift is my first langage, I love it…

Thanks a lot !

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Warmest welcome, Jean-Francois! You can only go up from here. Let us know once you’re done with the 28-day challenge. Have a great 2020!

Hi CodeCrew
My name is Mark. I used to make programs in the past (clipper, delphi), but it’s a long time ago. Now I’d like to learn xcode just for fun.
I downloaded from apple store the version 11.3 I hope you have already updated the lessons for this version, since I only found lessons on the 9.0 version.
Thanks a lot

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Welcome, Mark! Glad to have you here. We’re working already on updating the lessons. Thank you so much and enjoy learning!

Hello Code Crew!

My name is Joe and I am just starting my journey in iOS development. I have been a Mac user since the G3 tower days and really enjoy the aesthetic of the Mac system. I have a diploma in Digital Arts and Media and a Red Seal in Instrumentation. My design background has exposed be to some HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With my industrial background I have some familiarity with Logic based systems(Ladder Logic, Structured Lists) and Digital conversion and configuration for Control Systems. This is really quite different from OOP, so I’m looking forward to the challenge of creating functional iOS apps that can be useful to others!

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Cheers, Joe aka CoolDad, haha. Welcome to the community. High five on your motivation to create apps that will make an impact on others. Looking forward to your milestones!

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Hi CodeCrew,

My name is Kei, I am a Dot Net and Delphi programmer with more than 20 years of experience.
At the moment, I want to develop an app in iOS version and I am learning Swift and XCode.

Thank you very much to provide a place to learn Apple technology.


And thank you as well, Kei, for joining us in this place where we can all learn together! Welcome to the family! :slight_smile:

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Hi I’m Albert and i have been using CodewithChris for a short while. I have completed several beginner Lessons and they have all gone really well (very good Tuition Chris) I am going through “Firebase Authentication Tutorial 2019 - Custom IOS Login Page” and like many of the other lesson I make a few mistakes Mainly Typos which is frustrating!! but it’s part of the learning process. I am at a standstill with an Error
let db = Firebase.firebase()
Module ‘Firebase’ has no member named ‘firebase’

I have added import Firebase to my SignUpViewController. and this is the only error i have Still can not correct the error

Please advise Thank you

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Welcome, Albert! Great to have you here! I suggest you ask your question in another thread so it will reach more users who can probably help you. Cheers!

Hi I am Kim and I am learning app development
as a hobby. I have no developer background, but I do like to tinker with code and would like to be better at it.


Glad to have you here, Kim! Excited for what you’ll learn and eventually accomplish. Have fun!

Hey CodeCrew
My name is Or , i’m 26 Years old based on Israel.
Im looking to learn iOS App development and i wanna know where i should start and the next paths i should take until i will be declare myself as iOS app development


Shalom, Or! Welcome to the family! Hope you enjoy connecting with other students here and also sharing your learning progress with us.


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Hi CodeCrew. I’m new on this community and also new in app development. I just like to create things and creating apps has got my attention and I would love to try and succeed creating my first app. I’ve been watching Chris’s videos on Youtube and I have found them very helpful!

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Lovely to hear this, Dan! We’ll be cheering for you until you finally create your very first app. Make sure to update us!

And welcome to the family! :slight_smile: